About Us

Our Approach

We are real! No rehearsed videos, no take two, three or four – yes we might not look or sound good but we are real! That’s Little Big Explorers, a simple family that tries to enjoy life and help others to do the same. My husband once told me to make sure I knew what to say in the videos yet, I will not write a script to say what is needed, I will feel what I want to say and just say it! Life is about feelings and I try to be true to mine. Travelling makes me happy, finding time for myself makes me happy, discovering new things to do with my kids makes me happy. Little Big Explorers is a happy place!

Our Story

When I was a kid I travelled, I travelled a lot! Not on holidays but different homes, my nickname in fact is Trixy the gypsy. I changed 8 homes in different European Countries until the age of 11 until finally my parents came back to live in Malta. Ever since, I feel like a bird in a cage! Don’t get me wrong, I love Malta, the country is fantastic and the culture is one we should be proud of but, it’s an island. I can’t get my car on Friday afternoon and drive 4 hours to get to another country or grab a train and experience a different culture. This makes me frustrated. Now, that I am a mother of two energetic boys, I want to help them understand that we are small and that there is a great world out there waiting for them to explore. I know many people that love to travel with their kids, but I also know many that find it rather scary. So, since I have travelled with my kids since they were 4 months old I felt that I can help others. I also wish others to give me ideas and may be create a community of like minded families. One wish would be to travel with other families as kids love company of other kids. Through this comunity may be this wish will come true…

Meet the Team

I am Tricia, the founder of this coummunity blog. I am 42 years old and have 2 boys. Unfortunately I cannot be everywhere! I would love to travel the world but at the moment we travel when we can and where we can afford. I am a professional teacher and my husband is in design so, we are also limited with time. Therefore and since we are a community, I believe in people helping people and decided to work with contributors. If you would like to contribute to our blog please just contact us, as I believe in the saying; the more the merrier!

So far, our contributors are the following:


Lorraine Zammit

My name is Lorraine. I am 37 years old, a mummy of a two-year old boy and a teacher by profession. I have always enjoyed travelling. Ever since my parents took me and my brothers on our first visit abroad to the UK when I was just 8 years old, I have been taking holidays abroad on a regular basis, both with family and with friends. Besides Portugal and the UK, I have visited Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Florida, Sao Tome & Principe and Ethiopia. I look forward to visiting many more countries in the future and to pass on my passion for exploring, discovering and learning to my son.


Claire Mallia
My name is Claire and I’m 43 years old. Ever since I was a child, when asked what my hobby is, I’d say it was travelling.  Many were the funny looks I got, because travelling a couple of times a year does not constitute a hobby, however I spent and spend much of my free time, researching countries, cultures and travel opportunities in the hope of fulfilling these dreams across my life… So I often say, I live from holiday to holiday. I travel with my husband and our 16 year old daughter and we often meet up with our best friends who live abroad.  When travelling, we try our best to include history and culture, nature, traditional food, adventure and thrill-seekers theme parks.
I work as a Learning Support Educator with young children, and grasp every opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences acquired from my travels, to see the wonder and awe in their eyes, that I used to feel as a child listening to someone else’s travel adventures and encounters.

Sara Strijbosch-Ali


Next Steps…

If you would like us to review a product or service, or would like to mention your business in our blog all you need to do is contact us. As I said before we are real and will help those that are willing to help others. So, tell us all about yourselves and how we can help you!

Remember sharing is caring and we can all be Little Big Explorers!