Being spontaneous – Thank you Brittas Bay


I am a person that loves to plan things out. I’m not meticulour or too prudent to not accept some changes but I love to know where and what we will be doing, especially on a holiday. My husband and I normally do our research on a place we are going to visit seperately and then sit down and plan what we feel are the definate places to go. So, when we went to Ireland and I left all the planning to our host you can imagine how I felt, I was nervous! Yet, it turned out to be an amazing holiday. Sometimes one needs to just let things happen!

One of the days we had in Ireland our host (and I wish to thank the Dineens so much for this) wanted to take us to his childhood beach, Britas Bay. At the back of my mind I said to myself that I was not really interested in a beach! I come from Malta for heaven’s sake, why should I want to go to a beach? Yet, it was a great day for it and it was only 15 min away from their home, so why not? It was a perfect start for our holiday, the kids really could scream and shout and run around as the sound of the waves and the wind just swallowed the noise off. They relaxed, so obviously so did I!

Even though we are an Island surrounded by a beautiful sea like the Mediterranean, Malta does not get the seashells that places close to oceans get and this was one of the activities the kids picked up immediately! They couldn’t stop picking seashells and coming to show me how big or how pretty this one and that one was.


After picking seashells we looked or different shaped pebbles and weird looking items, the search was on again and I just wished I had go some bags for them to carry their treasures in.What about the amount of drift wood they found?! The sword fighting never stopped. We even used the “swords” to write in the sand.


Finally they started building their forts and Jamie my eldest looked far and wide for his sticks, and logs to build his mountain! All this time I was just sitting down on the sand watching. How many times have we wanted to just sit and watch but we couldn’t because we are worried that the kids would get lost or hurt or be of nuisance to others? Well, here i didn’t feel one bit worried!

We wrote in the sand and met many dogs and owners as well as horse riders. I found out that Matfield Stud Riding School is actually in the village where were were staying. It was too late for us to change our plans of that day but I do wish to pass on this information. So, if you are near Britas Bay and want to explor in a different way give them a call!

Horse riding at Brittas Bay

You might even want to do some surfing as there is a surf school here too ( Too cold for us though but I am sure on a nice summer day it would be ideal! The beach is very long and if we had more time we could have had a lovely beach walk there. This time though I had time to sit on the base of the huge Sand Dunes and read my book! I could have also prepared a little picnic to eat on the beach but that would have been too much work on me! Not this time at least!

The Emerald Isle also has beautiful coastlines check them out if you can, in fact another bay we visited during our brief time in Ireland was Bray. Bray is different to Brita as it’s full of cafe’s and restuarants as well as funfairs but Brita is very natural and in touch with the elements. This was the feeling I got from this place, peace with the elements and I am so greatful for the detour we made. Sometimes all you need in a holiday is to let loose and let things happen. The kids were being kids, my husband was having his catching up with good friends and I was breathing fresh air, those were the main reasons for our holiday! We only spent and hour or so but it was fantastic, after we headed for a magical botanical garden. Keep reading and keep sharing!




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