Birdworld – a quick visit

An unexpected visit to the birdworld was just the trick to cheer up a sick birthday boy.

Birdwold was not on our itinerary but we needed a quick fix. In England, animal parks are plenty; zoos, farms and bird-parks are just a few of the names to look for when looking for a day out. Normally you would spend a good day out with the kids at these places, just like when we went to the safari park in Denmark. Sometimes though all you need is 2 hours or so to fill up a break in your schedule like when visited the Cotswold Wildlife.

I had promised myself to not get upset if plans are messed up. I’m so glad I made myself do this as I was tested straight away; our plans were to spend the first few days with our friends and plan Christmas Day together but Andrew got feverish on our way to England on the plane. In fact we were going to spend his birthday (Christmas Eve) in Chessington park but since he was feverish we had to change our plans. We still went to Chessington and have a review coming shortly.

Birdworld was not on our plans but a spontaneous decision

So, what can we do? The weather was cold and his energy was low. We decided to look up the nearest farms and animal parks but unfortunately, many were closed or too expensive for just 2 hours. Finally we decided on Birdworld in Farnham, just 30 min from Thatchers Hotel where we were staying at the time.

Birdworld is open all year round except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. It is a conservation park that although has the name of Birdworld, it doesn’t only have birds. There is a farm connected to it and also a small aquarium. The price was not too bad especially since it was Christmas Eve; we spent some £30 for the entrance to the whole park. We also bought some birdseeds for 50p a bag that came in handy not only here but also when we visited Stratford-Upon-Avon as you can read from here.

Derek tried to give the bird behind us some bird seed and dropped the whole bag – such a laugh

Birdworld is set around a lush area of trees and fields. The entrance is through the gift shop and cafeteria which at the time of our visit was the only place you can find refreshments and snacks but, if you go on a nice sunny day there are other kiosks around the park that sell hotdogs, ice-creams and other favourites.

Not a real exhibit but too cute not to take a picture of this fellow.

When we visited it was so cold the crowd was to it’s minimal. Unlike in many zoos that we have visited, where you hardly see any animals due to them staying in their encloser, this place is made to be outside and the birds come out to see who is visiting. I don’t know if that would be the case if it rains. Birdworld is all outside except for the aquarium and The Temperate House. The latter was closed for us to see as it was transformed into Santa’s Winter Wonderland. Unfortunately, this had to be pre-booked and it was fully booked on the day. The aquarium on the other hand was open and this we thoroughly enjoyed since it was much warmer than the outside.

Flamingos in the background

Birdworld have a small train that the kids can enjoy the ride around the park and you can see how large the park actually is. It is always fun to ride instead of walk! Still we walked the whole park and even though Andrew had fever he had enough energy to enjoy the animals around. I think his favourite were the penguins, they didn’t mind the cold. My favourite were the pelicans as I had never seen these massive, majestic birds so up-close.

Andrew’s favourite – penguins

Pelicans turned out to be my favourite bird

The food at the cafeteria was not that good. Still, it served it’s purpose of giving us some time away from the cold and sparing us from the hunger breakdowns. We also had to give them a small gift as it is too tempting and Andrew collects soft toys. We welcomed Tweet Twoo to our family and we had happy faces even from a sick boy.

Trying to make Andrew time

We spent 2 good hours at the Birdworld but I am sure that if the weather was warmer we could have enjoyed it more as the place is so pretty. Remember, if you visit the Birdworld you would be helping them conserve endangered animals, there is even the possibility of adopting a bird in your name.

Is there a place you would like to tell us about? Have you had an experience that you thought is a must see do with the kids? We’d love to know so that we can experience it ourselves and share it with the rest of the world. Please get in touch.

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