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Whose kids are dinosaur crazy?

Dinosaur Park in Givskud Zoo – Billund

Most boys tend to like dinosaurs, I know mine do! There was one mother who approached me and asked if I knew of good parks where to go to that had dinosaurs included. This was actually the decision maker of where to go on holiday with her kid, hence this blog. I thought if there was one there are others out there. If you don’t need this info, I’m sure others you know do.

Dinosaurs in Legoland Windsor

Well, to start with the ones I have been to are inside parks famous for other things rather than dinosaurs: Givskud Zoo in Denmark and Etnaland in Sicily – both are parks that are not famous for dinosaurs but have part of the park that includes some sort of attraction. Still, there are plenty more! Here is a list of parks in Europe that are famous for dinosaurs:

  1. Roar dinosaur adventure – UK – it’s more of an adventure park with a theme (good for active kids) open all year round (not Christmas and boxing day)
  2. Crystal Palace – UK – the oldest dinosaur park in the world
  3. West Midland Safari Park – UK – A safari, theme park and adventure park all in one
  4. Teessaurus Park, Middlesbrough – UK – just a park with metal sculptors of dinosaurs. Good if you are in the area and would like to have a rest or a picnic.
  5. Jurrassic Land – Turkey – mixed reviews and can be done in 2 hours indoors
  6. Dinopark – Munchehagen, Germany – excellent reviews, not expensive and can take you 4+hours Not open between Dec – March
  7. DinoPark – a chain of dinosaur parks, mostly in Czech Republic, but there are in Spain, Slovakia and Russia. The one in Prague is on top of a shopping mall and is ideal to treat kids after a day shopping. Others are incorporated in zoos, or in a forest, check out their website if you are going to that country.
  8. Dino Parque Lourinha – Portugal –  Same company as the one in Germany. Large park over 2.5km with to scale models in natural habitats. Open all year round – worth visiting with it Pedreira do Galinha (Natural Monument of the Dinosaur Footprints), Ourem where real fossils are well kept but it is not easy to find.
  9. Dino Park Bled – Radovljica, Slovenia – mixed reviews and a bit expensive but good for some hours to treat the kids after sightseeing
  10. Dino Parc – Rasnov, Romania – good reviews and a fun day out to include. Take at least 4 hours or more to fully enjoy as it also includes tree adventure climbing.
  11. Parco in Miniatura – Sardinia – An ideal day out to see some Sardinian heritage, a park with miniature models as well as a moving dinosaur park. Only 1hr away from Cagliari the capital of the Island.

The last one I mentioned was given to me by a follower that happened to go herself and really enjoyed it. Tried and tested are the best ones, If you know of any that you have been to and are not so famous on the map but you think are worth going to, please contact us. I am sure there are many more out there just waiting for us to explore.

Dinosaur Park in Givskud Zoo – Billund

The last one we went to was near Legoland Billund. If you are a fan of Legoland and have kids, this is an area worth exploring: Givskud Zoo, Vejle and other interesting places are all in the vicinity of eachother. Even Legoland in Windsor have a small area dedicated to Dinosaurs but nothing compared to the one in Givskud Zoo!

Another way to get kids excited about their holiday is a visit to some museums that have real dinosaur skeleton exhibitions. The Natural History Museum in London and the Natural History Museum in Paris both are examples of what I want to share. For those children that love Dinosaurs but hate the hassle and bassle of parks and museums, many places have special programs that do not exclude you. Check out how cool these events are; Dawnosaurs.

These places might not have the entertainment feeling of a park but it can switch your kids’ want to learn on. Other places that I have mentioned in my list are where actual fossils have been found. There are some places in Portugal (Ourem and Pedreira do Galinha) which sound like a Dinosaur Lover’s paradise. Those that wish to not go all out to a park but are in the neighbourhood of one of the following museums can easily satisfy the Dinosaur Lover in your pack.


  1. Royal Natural History museum London
  2. Paris Natural History museum
  3. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels
  4. Sauriermuseum Aathal (Aathal Dinosaur Museum), Zurich Switzerland
  5. Orlov Palaeontology Museum. Moscow Russia

Once again, tried and tested places are what Little Big Explorers is all about and if you know of any place that you have been that you consider worth sharing with the rest of us, please contact us. If you have a nice photo of your Dinosaur Lover with their favourite dino we’d love to see them! Keep in touch with our facebook page and on our Instagram and share the word!



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