Kilmacurragh – A Blooming Paradise



When I was little visiting a Botanic Garden was always boring, just a bunch of plants with a wooden label around them. Today they have made gardens an experience! I am not the scientific type where I’d like to know the name of every plant but the walk through and the peace one can find in such spaces is amazing. The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland also include events, some are free and some are not but they cater for all ages, check out on their website and see if there is something going on when you are in Ireland, they even have art workshops for as young as 4 years old! When we visited there wasn’t any activities going on but we still appreciated the place!

We had been to Brittas Bay before heading for the gardens and so we arrived around lunch time. When we got to the gates the sight took my breath away! The drive through to the car park was showered by rhododendron trees. The bright pink colour as magenta could ever be engulfs you. It felt like a dream with the petals falling with the soft breeze and surrounded by tall evergreens and green grass everywhere. I find this scene so calming and to top this up the sun was blazing!

Brambles Cafe at Kilmacurragh

The cafeteria there has a shabby chic look and the food looked fresh and the service was sweet.

We had a pie served with a salad and a glass of white wine. The kids had a kiddie box that cost €5 which included a sandwich, a big cookie, an apple and a drink of their choice. Simply perfect!

Our friend and host Rae Dineen – a true Irish!

If you do not want to eat from the Café then there are picnic tables where many Irish families had come to give their kids their lunch after school especially on such a glorious day.

picnic area Kilmacurragh

After lunch we walked through the botanical garden, and even though the kids were not so interested in what the trees are called and where they originate from, they did enjoy walking, rolling on the grass.


You are even allowed to climb on trees!! The one sign I saw was a sign on a very old tree that they were trying to save that said it was not allowed to be climbed on, the rest were all good to go.

There was also a little stream that goes through the garden and creates a nice pond. Nature at it’s best, we even tried looking for tadpoles…

The kids’ favourite part was this massive tree that looked like lots of trees in one. This particular tree was a natural climbing frame. So many children were exploring this tree, it felt like a natural maze, even I had a go! Wellington boots were not worn by my kids on this day…bad mistake from my side as even though the sun was out, it was still muddy! BIG TIP – TAKE BOOTS!


The kids were happy, I was happy, I felt good! I finally found the green I craved so much for. In Malta we are so deprived of green open spaces that this just fills up my lungs for the rest of the year. Another place similar to this that we visited is Glen Malure and Glendelough, check them out if you are near.


Spend time fooling around, climb trees and be a child again, these are the things that create memories. I had once read somewhere; “The world is a playground, you know that when you are a kid but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it,” well Kilmacurragh made me remember that I need to play more and it’s safe to do so here! Read what else we did on our brief visit to Ireland.



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