Legoland, Windsor or Billund?

In my previous post of Legoland Windsor I said we liked Windsor and many of you wanted to know which Legoland we suggest to visit in Europe. For me to answer that question I had to go myself to at least more than one!

The excitement has started!

With this excuse we decided to head to Denmark this summer. Legoland in Billund is the flagship and this year is celebrating 50 years open. Although I want to talk about the whole holiday, I first want to keep my promise and do the comparison.

“Which one is the best?” Not a simple question. Both Parks are great! I asked the same question to my kids but, even though they gave me a straight answer, I cannot share it as a valid one. The kids were much younger when they visited Windsor, they don’t remember everything. What I can say is that Legoland in Billund is smaller and can be done on a moderate queue day, in just one day.

We arrived in Legoland Billund at around 11/11.30am so we actually arrived late but we managed to do most of the rides. The only major ride we didn’t get to do (and not because of time but because I was tired of rollercoasters) was the Polar X-plorer. We opted out of other casual rides too like the Lego Safari as it looked too slow and small. You can practically see the whole ride from the outside. One place I wished we had gone but didn’t manage was a visit to the aquarium; Atlantis, by Sealife. Still, I suppose all aquariums are a bit similar.

Lego stations while waiting in the queue

All in all, even if we had a few long queues, it was a good full day at Legoland. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the Q-bot as they were not working on the day of our visit. So when you compare time with what you can do, I think Billund is more manageable for a one day visit. There are no hills to climb in Billund so everything is easily accessible.  Windsor is in a valley and has that hill in the beginning that just makes everything that little bit harder to reach.

A feature that Windsor had that we missed in Billund is the double pushchairs. Billund only has one seat pushchairs to rent out and since we knew our kids would fight over it we decided to not get one at all. There were a few people who had the carts that you pull along but we never found the actual renting out place. At the end of the day when Andrew was getting tired of walking that pushchair was needed. In Windsor we found it comfortable to have the double pushchair even just to carry our bags.

Both parks have shows that go on as events and in both parks we didn’t have the time to view anyone of these. If you are show lovers we suggest you do them first or make sure you fit them into your schedule. We never thought they were what our kids wanted, Legoland is for the kids at the end of the day. The shows in Billund are in Danish and even though they are great English speakers the shows would be dedicated to the locals.

Polar Land has live penguins in a large tank. They have talks in both Danish and English about the penguins at certain times. This place is an ideal spot to chill and relax a bit before going off to enjoy another attraction.

Like in all parks food is everywhere. In my opinion, Windsor has more restaurant choice. If I had to compare food between the two parks I think Windsor would win even in the price. In both parks we didn’t use the restaurants as for us sitting down to eat would be wasting ride time. We made our own sandwiches and took some snacks and fruit with us. I like to give the kids their food while they are in a queue, like that time passes a bit less slowly.

As a country eating out in Denmark, is a bit on the expensive side, we found that it was more expensive than actually eating in London. So, if you are thinking of visiting Denmark, keep in mind that the most expensive thing is eating out. We were lucky to have booked an apartment so that we could make our own food but I’ll tell you about that in my next blog that describes the whole holiday.

Legoland Billund and Windsor are both fantastic parks to visit with your kids especially if they are 12 and under. The Duplo Land is in every Legoland park and makes it an ideal place for even the really little ones. The best age though for Legoland is approximately 8 years old when kids are 1m20+. Andrew is 1.05m and could go on most rides.

All rides are included in the ticket accept the Learning Drivers. This ride is normally sponsored by a brand and although it’s a great ride I feel that the fee on this is not fair. What Windsor has that Billund doesn’t is that there is this kind of ride for little ones from 3 years up.

How do they compare? If I had a preference I think I would like Billund more, just because it was easy to get to the different areas. Still, both parks are great and are enjoyed by both boys and girls alike. Adults have the thrill of the rollercoasters and other attractions like the Ninjago laser maze but I don’t think they compare to adult theme parks. I need to be invited to one next 😉

If you have been to a theme park and would like to tell us about it please do contact us. I know a lot of people that have girls, especially under the age of 6 tend to go to Peppa Pig world, we’d like to know about that too! Remember sharing is what Little Big Explorers is all about. The community can only help each other if you share what you found interesting or not.

I know I can recommend families with kids to visit Legoland any time and anywhere!

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