Legoland Windsor – A smile that lasts a long time

Legoland – A smile all day long!

Laughter, excitement, thrills are all words I can use to describe the day we visited Legoland Windsor. We are not great fans of theme parks. (I am trying to change that as I love them!) Still, Legoland just packs your day with fun, fun, fun!

2 years ago we had the opportunity of visiting some friends in the UK as we were invited to their wedding celebration. So, after spending a few days in Glouchester and visiting the Cotswold area with our friends we decided to head to our favourite English city – London!

Cutty Sark – in Greenwich London

London is always a success for us, there is always something to do and even if you have already visited the Science museum or the National History Museum, they would have a new exhibit to see and entrances are free. This time though my sons were into Lego (still are really), so we decided to spend a day at Legoland in Windsor.

It was great! Just a month or two ago Andrew told me that he wants to go to Legoland again  so we went to Billund this year. I did a comparison blog about the two here.

We got the train from Paddington station and arrived in Windsor at around 9am – I remember the weather was not good at all as although it was hot is was raining. We did have an umbrella but it seemed to be coming from all over the place.

When we got to Windsor station we felt at a loss. There were no signs, and either we were very early or it was a day when the shops don’t open as there was nobody in the streets! We couldn’t find anyone to ask for directions. We needed to find the bus stop where the shuttle bus picks people up to go to Legoland. So, if things are still the same do not despair; get out of the train station and head towards Windsor castle. When you see the statue of Queen Victoria you are in the right place. Look for the bus stops on the roads and there will be some indication there. Once we got to the bus stop things looked brighter and although the rain was still at it, we could relax as we were on the right track.

Once we got there, the queues were not large to get in and when we did get in we immediately went to buy these ponchos for everyone so that we could be comfortable (or that’s what I thought). They were not a good idea at all! Not only did I feel and look ridiculous it was too hot with the plastic sticking to us. Yes, we were protected by the rain but when it didn’t rain it got so hot that I felt I was in one of those sweat suits to reduce skin fat. The rain didn’t last long anyway, so that was a waste of money. I could have used them to protect us from getting wet in the water rides in Billund but I forgot to take them.

As you enter Legoland, there is the gift shop and then a lovely hill into the valley. Unfortunately the rain just covered it all. We decided to get a double pushchair even though we already had a pushchair of our own. The kids loved being together and being pushed around – who wouldn’t? So, our pushchair was used to carry our bags and the other was used for the kids, just this was a blast for them. The rides were fun, sometimes I went on with Jamie (then 7) and sometimes Derek went with him. Andrew, went on some rides but not all. I remember that we bought them a sword from The Knights Kingdom area and he was just thrilled to be able to fight like a knight.

There is also a playground area (in the Pirate shores) safe for all ages and here we spent some good role playing time. Talking of role playing, a place Jamie would love to go again is the Driving school in the Lego City area.

There was even one driving course for Andrew in the L-Drivers , I do think he was a bit too young for this ride.

There are many all family type of rides too like the Balloon Ride and the Fire Academy. This area was very packed and some queueing was necessary but nothing that the kids couldn’t handle. We also used a Q-Bot to save time it’s worth it as it books your time on the ride. If  you do get the Q-Bot get accquainted to the map so you book things that are close together.

The food is very basic and in fact I remember my husband and I didn’t eat much as we are not too keen on fast foods so we snacked a lot. I do recommend you getting snacks of your own and fruit is always ideal on days like these. There is a nice walk along a lake where one can rest from the hassle of the rides and see the Lego hotel. In this area we pretended we were exploring to find dinosaurs as this is where they roamed 😉

Like in many theme-parks we never end up seeing and doing everything and the day just flies by in between rushing here and there. Their photo booth system is very efficient and taking a photo with one of their characters is also a must as they are everywhere.

All in all, I think Legoland is a good park for young kids and their adult companions. We stayed till the last bus picked all the people up to go to the train station again, you can imagine how packed that bus was, so we were glad we thought in advance to take the kids to get a place to sit. If you are mobile with your own car the day could last those 30 – 40 minutes more.

At the end of the day, we were hungry and we needed to eat a good meal before we head back to our hotel in London. We found this really chic looking place that served a good meal for us. The staff were very friendly and accommodating with the kids. We were very surprised that the prices were not that expensive either so we did well to eat in Windsor instead of finding a restaurant when we got to London.

We got back to the hotel at around 9pm and the kids were exhausted, that meant they were happy and it was a success. The kids today are still in love with Lego and now Legoland have Ninjago too! There are many Legolands across the globe and this year we decided to treat the boys to the one in Billund as it is their flagship. It didn’t cost us a lot and we didn’t go for just legoland. I will have a blog about our holiday shortly.

What was your experience like? Are you a theme-park fan and have another park to write about? Another park we loved is Etnaland in Sicily, read more about our fun adventures here. If you would like your story to be told, get in touch and remember we are all Little Big Explorers.

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