Let’s do what the locals do!

When we travel abroad we do not always like to be a tourist. Some times all we need is a get-a-way from the normal life and from your everyday setting.

The visit to Ireland was just that, we needed a break but not a holiday. So instead of visiting the Dublin Zoo, this time I wanted the kids to do something that the local kids would do on a Saturday morning. My kids love animals and a visit to a nature park must be included in some way or another. We found this little farm called Kia Ora Mini Farm, in the county of Wexford, not far from where we were staying. There are a few of these sort of farms around Ireland as the locals find them entertaining. I know my kids loved there visit.

The small farm has a few animals that surrounds a big green patch where kids were playing football on. The little kids can move around on tricycles or push alongs to go around the farm.

While the older kids can use the peddle cars, I know my Jamie had a blast on these as he didn’t want to get off them. 

We enjoyed seeing the turkeys, dear and goats and although you are not allowed to feed the animals there was one goat that was trying to grab his food from the floor but couldn’t reach so my little one (Andrew) got out of his push car and fed it.

One animal that I really enjoyed seeing was the Emu, we have emus in Malta but I had never seen newly born babies. The farm had two Emu chicks and they were adorable. It’s so nice to see animals that look healthy and have a large place to roam around.  

The pens full of animals was not what my kids enjoyed the most, both my kids’ soft hearts were captured by the petting area where they had a little bunny put in their laps to cuddle. You can see other various petting animals in the hut and I am sure they have educational events and also birthday parties here too.






My personal favourite part of the farm was when we used the  family go carts. It’s a short track but we had a few races and a few laughs too.


The farm is not large and it is not a fun park but it gave us 2 hours of good family time. There is a fire engine ride that we did but it was not amusing at all, in fact if I could chang something it would be that – may be they could include a actual water hose that the kids could use and aim at something but it was just a ride and the kids couldn’t even see outside.

Before we left the kids tried their latest attraction; that of manuevering real diggers. Althought there was a lot of kids the digger is on for a few minutes for every kid to have a turn. Both my boys enjoyed trying this out and realised how difficult it is. They got the hang of it in the end.  

We didn’t try their coffee shop as we wanted to go elsewhere for lunch and it didn’t really shout out “healthy” or “homemade”. I feel that the entrance fee to the place was slightly overpriced, €7.50 no matter if an adult or child, could be reviewed but on the whole it was a good morning.


A personal pointer when going to these places, if it was raining make sure you all wear wellington boots as it could get messy and in Ireland boots are a must even on sunny days. The kids enjoyed the play area before we headed off to Glen Malure.

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