Luggages, how many should I take?

Many budget airlines are restricting hand luggages and finding different ways to make you pay extras…I suppose that is the price to pay for budget airlines! How do we survive? We adapt!

How? There are different ways how to pack your luggages and there are so many tips out there and lists on what to take with you. I can tell you my list but you’ve read it all before!

Rolling clothes instead of folding them, try not to take clothing that wrinkles quickly and many other tips can be found on the web everywhere. What I will share with you is my view on how many luggages families can travel with.

Travelling with young kids below the age of 3

If you are travelling with babies or toddlers, the less objects you have in your hands the better. I remember when we travelled with Andrew who was 8 months old and Jamie who was 5, it was a nightmare we had too many things to carry and half of the things we hardly used.

As long as baby is happy…

Always pay for a large luggage even if you are only going for a weekend. You never have enough “just in case” situations. Besides, the nappies and the extra clothes you will always come back with new toys and other items that remind you of a particular moment. Check what a friend of mine finds helpful when she travelled with her little one in this article.  You would need a few items on the plane with you but most airlines give travellers like you that extra kg here and there. Remember you will probably have a pushchair/stroller with you and a bag with your important belongings, those would be free. Then pay for another small luggage to take all your necessary baby items,that would be it!

My kids on the Catamaran to Sicily  using their gagets and having pre-prepared snacks

Travelling with 3 – 6 year olds

We need activity tricks on the plane! Check out my blog for ideas. I would buy one ticket for a hand luggage. Keep all the familiar toys, books and favourite must haves in this luggage – God forbid their ‘blankie’ gets lost in the haul. Yes, then you would need a larger suitcase which is cheaper then 4 small ones anyway. Kids this age have a very small attention span and a variety of activities are needed. You might think that using a tablet all the way would do but you might be surprised. You can also keep a small zip lock bag with any extra set of clothing for the “just in case” moments of spills and other wet mishaps. I found how important this is the hard way, when my son threw up on his clothes and mine! I didnt have any “just in case” items with me. We took off what we could and sat in our jackets! I learnt from then on!

Always take a book with you!

Travelling with kids between 7 – 10 years

I never stop saying how important books are and if you find one about the destination you are going to, then that must come with you on the plane along with a tablet packed with things they enjoy doing on it – films, games etc. So if these two things fit in one backpack that you are allowed to take with you along with a set of extra clothes for the “just in case” situations, you are set. On the flight less is better so, if you are four (2 adults 2 kids) 2 backpacks would be more than enough and then pay for one or two luggages depending on how long and where you are going.

Jamie helping out carrying a portable potty for his little brother, just in case he doesn’t get to the toilet on time!

Travelling with older kids

Are they not responsible for their own stuff yet? A small backpack for their personal belongings along with a set of extra clothes is enough for the plane. Then how many luggages you want to take up, depends on if one wants to share a suitcase or not. Talking and discussing is the secret of giving them their autonomy but also making them understand budgeting. They love feeling that they are helping make the family holiday better. I very rarely think that you would need a large suitcase for each member of the family. So if they do not want to let go of having their own luggage you can always make them pay for it.

Using a trunki is not only good for keeping things safe

Remember you can choose yourluggage after you purchase your ticket, the prices remain the same. How many you will need all depends on how you pack things. I like to put underwear in shoes, and I like to use a straw for my necklaces I also like to roll things instead of fold. Don’t forget to prepare the clothes you will be wearing so you don’t put them in the luggage by mistake.

Do your research on how to pack things well and make sure you leave space for your new items that you will buy from your destination. Remember to put on a ribbon or a tag that stands out on all luggages especially those that go into the haul.

This helps when you are looking for your luggages on the conveyor belt

When travelling with kids your first reaction is to take as much items as possible. One question that helps me reduce a lot of unneeded items is: Can I buy it when I get there? If the answer is yes, leave it behind. What tips do you have for us? Contact us or leave a comment below. Remember sharing is caring!

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