Malta – a dot with a lot! The Seasons

This part of my blog is dedicated to all those little big explorer families that wish to adventure our little island. It’s not a big place but it is a great place! I suppose many people say this for the place they live but honestly Malta is full of different things to do with kids. We don’t have the mountains and the forests but for our little space we can offer a good holiday.

September but still soooo hot!

To make it easy for you to understand I decided to describe our seasons. Malta with kids is easy and fun but also educational and adventurous. Find what you are looking for and then see the tips. Remember little big explorers are always adventuring new places so if you don’t find anything you need give us a message and we’ll get in touch.

Nativity activity in Rabat’s Christmas Village


Winter – for us Maltese Winter is January and February all other months are considered pleasant, warm or hot. Still, if you come to Malta in January or February you might say it’s not cold at all, why sometimes you can have a lovely sunny January day. See what we did on one of these January days Still, for us Maltese these days are damp and inside is just as cold as outside.

Beach In December/January

One advice from me to you is either stay in a hotel that has heating on or make sure the apartment or home that you rent out has good heating system because you will feel cold inside. Most homes, I can say 99.9%, do not have central heating. Temperatures never go down below 4 but it feels even lower at times due to the 80 – 90% humidity. I’m sorry for those explorers that come to Malta and get our worst weather because it can be ugly and there is not a lot of indoor adventure activities to go to.

Christmas season and no coat

Summer – for you that come in April you might think that our summer has already started. Yes, at times the days in April are just beautiful; slightly touching the 20 – 24 degrees, a soft breeze and the sun comes out to play. For me, these are the best days but it has nothing to do with our summer! Unfortunately with global warming, our summers are getting hotter and longer, last year there were days that reached over 40 degrees and these are becoming more and more frequent.

Summer beaching it!

For visitors coming from northern countries to our shores, these temperatures might be something you look forward to but for us living it day in day out it’s not. Temperatures don’t only rise in the air but even between people and one advise that I must give to all visitors is to be a bit patient with us as we loose our temper very easily in this heat ;). Joking apart, if your intention is to use public transport be aware that some buses do not have their ac working or that the bus would be packed. If your intention is to hire a car, be patient on the roads and make sure the car you hire has ac as traffic jams can last long and the heat is not pleasing when the kids are screaming at the back.

Another tip I would like to pass on is to take that siesta! For your own health and your kids’ health don’t stay out in the sun between 12 – 4 the UV index is sky high and even if protected with sunscreen it can burn! Precaution sometimes is the only cure.

Festa time starts as early as June and goes on till late September… This is Santa Maria in Mosta

Spring and autumn: hmm these are only a few days of the year. I love these two seasons though as in spring Malta is so green (where it is not densely populated with buildings that is), the sea is full of life and the skies are full of colours. If I was a tourist I would visit Malta in Spring, the sea is still a bit cold but I have seen many tourists on our beaches in early April on one of those warm sunny days.

Let me tell you a personal story of a nice April day I remember perfectly well; my wedding day! The day before my wedding it was grey and there was such an overcast everywhere. I felt so scared that the day would be grey or that it was windy, it gets very windy in Malta. Fortunately nothing of this happened in fact it was such a lovely beautiful day that the skies were blue and the sun was so warm all our guests where outside basking it, nobody was in the hall which we had hired just in case of April showers.

Camping in April

Autumn: this hardly exists! September and October are our humid months we would have the occasional rain but it would be still hot and sticky.

Halloween activity at RMJ -Horse Sanctuary

The beaches are still packed till end of September and sometimes October is still worth that dip. November might change things around and the nights by end of October might have lowered the temperatures to around 15 degrees Celsius. November is great time for camping and long walks in the countryside as it is less hot but still bearable to enjoy the outdoors.

The weather doesn’t change much till Christmas, I remember most my Christmas holidays in t-shirts and may be a cardigan. Then come New Year and the weather seems to know that it is finally winter.

Kite Flying on New Year’s day on the beach – we had the beach to ourselves

Hope these tips help you decide what time of the year is best for your family. If you find these tips helpful leave a comment below and contact us with a photo of your family in one of our landmarks!! Get in touch it’s nice to hear from our followers. If you need any further information check out our other blog tips or contact us directly and ask away.

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