Marzamemi – what an impact you have had on me

Marzamemi, what an impact you have had on me!

Marzamemi is a little fishing village on the Southern part of Sicily. It is very small but the special attention the people have made to keep this place as special as it is, makes you realise how important tradition really is. How many times have you been to fishing villages and seen urbanisation taking over? Well, this place has stopped in time!

Yes, you have the modern seaside residences in the far side but the main attraction they have left it untouched by time and all the attractions go around the simple architecture. For the Maltese that are reading, I think this place is like our M’Xlokk but with a touch of Mdina.

Marzamemi used to be one of the places in Sicily where tuna was captured by luring it into a secluded area. It is some hour away from Pozzallo and Noto alike. There are many apartments where to stay in but do be aware that August it tends to be very, very busy. Our suggestion to visit would be June or September when the weather is warm and the place is not exhaustingly packed. We went in May and it was relatively quiet.

The little piazza is so pretty with stalls, cafés and restaurants along the circumference.

This was an item hanging in one of the cafes

One stall had antique jewellery while another had unique design attire. I bought a nice hippie looking shirt from here. If like us you like to view the sea, walk through the narrow alleys and take a granita with a sea view so close that sometimes (when there is a “high” tide) your table would actually be in the sea.

Before you go for lunch take off your shoes and paddle in the rock pools and let the kids look for crabs and fish. Jamie loves a little climb and he found his way for his own adventure when he went exploring the broken down breakwater.

Enjoy the smell and the freshness of the moment. We then suggest you head over to a restaurant called Il Borgo. We chose this restaurant out of the many because it was one of the few that served a burger as Jamie was not in the mood for fish!


There are many good places which you can eat from but this place just made us feel so welcome. We were the first to sit down and the last people to leave, but that’s just us getting to know the owners and having a bit of a chat too! Still, the people that served us were not the owners and they took pride and good care of us. We truly recommend this place.


After lunch, if you do have a place to stay get a well-deserved nap or if you don’t have a place, just head towards the beach and lie down on the soft sand under an umbrella. If the weather is nice, why not? Take that dip and relax.

Andrew crab hunting – we did find one!

The evening in Marzamemi takes on a different atmosphere, live music and the lighting of the place makes it romantic yet, at the same time, bubbling with youths and enjoyment.

one of the little alleys heading off from the piazza to the sea

Many sailing boats arrive in the port of Marzamemi in fact I think a Maltese Regatta pay an annual visit to this place in June. If you’d like there is even a boat ride you can do that takes you to see some Roman ruins underneath the sea. I know that I want to go back and do this tour, I can’t wait really.

Our suggestions to visit this place, is to stay a night or two in an apartment, walking distance from the square or even at the camping sites that are around the area. I spotted a camping site right next to the beach – The Forte Village, not sure about it as I didn’t try it myself, still if that is your cuppa and have tried it, please tell us your opinion on it, we’d love to know!

Marzamemi can be a bit out of the way from other places of interest but if you have a week in Southern Sicily, this would be one of my must sees.

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