Extended family and Northern Italy

Northern Italy, famous for the Alpine mountains and glacial lakes. A picture perfect place for us that do not see mountains everyday. Is it a place to take a family that varies between 9 and 74? Anita Camilleri, a good friend of mine, took her beautiful family of 5 along with her brother’s family and her mother to Val d’Aosta and Lago De Como. Keep reading to find out if it was a success or not!

The aim was to please all and have fun together while also enjoying the views. Adventure, but also relaxation was to be kept in mind. They had been planning everything since Christmas. They also knew that they would get along (this is a very important issue here).

They did meet a couple of times to plan and discuss the holiday. What they had not foreseen was that their holiday was during the World Cup to be exact they would be abroad for the final! Being football lovers they arranged their plans because things got exciting as France was in the final. Their first objective was to be in France for the final. They did just that and watched the game with the French surrounded by mountains!! Slightly different view from the norm right?

At the airport they picked up their two hired cars and managed to fit everyone in. Apart from a GPS, Anita recommends taking good walkie talkies, they come in handy when travelling in a large group. Using a walkie talkie is fun and cheaper than using your phones all the time.

First stop was St Maurice in Val d’Aosta. There was time for settling in and just a good breather of the beautiful views of this place.

Next day they headed to see the football finals of the world cup. So they crossed the border to Chamonix France. Between mountains in a picturesque villages they watched the game and also went on some fun rides.

After the game they celebrated with the locals and ate dinner before heading back to the apartment where they were staying in.

Their stay in Val d’Aosta was of 5 days where they went Mountain climbing on Mount Blanche (8th Wonder of the world), did some rafting, visited animal parks and did some tree climbing and zip line adventure.

They also visited the Juventus Stadium (it might not be your thing to do this but, if you are there, a football stadium can be an impressive experience)

Obviously some people did the adventurous activities while others sat and enjoyed the view with a nice cuppa tea but everyone enjoyed doing their thing and everyone was together.

My family loves going to Sicily for adventurous activities like these. If you want to have a quick holiday that includes these activities check this out. Like in all family holidays some activities need to be planned before but most can be researched while you are there.


A member of the group had to return back to Malta so they took him to the airport said good bye and headed to Lago di Como. On their way to the airport one of the cars had a malfunction and had to be towed to a mechanic while the other car went to the airport. This did worry a few members especially the Grandmother but with a pinch of salt and some good service (always have full insurance when hiring a car) they met again at the new residence in Lago di Como.

They were submerged in the mountains. The views were amazing. Some of them did some trekking, others played badminton with other friends they made from the lodging. There was lots to do and the weather was perfect.

They only had rain for one day so they decided to take the opportunity and do some Go carting, they all loved it! When going somewhere look for indoor activities to do as you are bound to have bad days. Check out what you can do in Malta on rainy days here.

One time they went up to Val Masino.

It is quite a feat to do the trek but in the end everyone walked at their own pace and was rewarded in the end. Even the granmother took the walk!

The whole experience just makes you feel one with nature.

The time they actually visited Lago di Como, they had time to do some canoeing and they hired some bikes for a while but then most of the time they spent it relaxing.

Anita wrote some tips to keep in mind when travelling:

  1. Buy food and drinks from local supermarkets, especially to take with you for snacking during travelling.
  2. Do not do just touristic places. Look up places that the locals would do on a family day out (look up what we did when we were in Ireland)
  3. Be flexible in your plans and be ready for changes. Re-direct and reroute as necessary it is part of the fun!
  4. Stay and book in apartments not hotels, when travelling in large groups it is cheaper and more comfortable.

If you are travelling with younger kids read what Sara does when travelling with her toddler or head here for more travel tips

The secret to a great holiday is to work in a team and discuss.
Anita says: “It was not all plain sailing but the memories and laughter and time together spent on this holiday was magnificent and will remain with us always.”

What do you think, was this a successful holiday? Have you been to Northern Italy? If, you have please tell us what you did. If you went on a family holiday and wish to share it with the rest of us get in touch.

Sharing is caring and we can all be Little Big Explorers.

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