Rome in winter – 6 things to keep in mind (part 1)

I can’t wait to find the right time to go to Rome again. I want to throw another coin in the Trevi Fountain and sit and have an ice – cream. Last time I went I turned into ice myself!

I have been debating with myself if to write this blog or not since it is on a negative note. I am not a negative person but the experience of Rome was not a nice one for me and due to this I have been postponing going back ever since. Oh yes, Rome is beautiful and I did have some moments of happiness but when I look back there were so many things I would have made differently.

Since naturally, we do not take pictures of ugly moments, you will not believe that this holiday was not successful. I do tell my readers that in every holiday you will have good and bad moments. Hopefully the good surpass the bad, in the case of our holiday in Rome they didn’t.

It all started with my wish to take my parents for a holiday. Then my sister decided to join us. I thought it was a great idea, but I am a dreamer. Derek, my husband, knew otherwise and unfortunately he was right. I won’t go into the personal matters that made the holiday an unhappy event because it is irrelevant to you. Yet, I do wish to advise all those that travel with friends and/or family that if the dynamics at home are not good, on holiday things get worse not better. Still it is not impossible, just like my friend Anita shows us in her holiday to Northern Italy. Travelling in a large group takes a lot of planning and compromise and if even one member is not ready to do so, then it’s a recipe for a disaster.

Apart from the above problem that we faced, this blog is about my tips to travel to a city in winter. I will split it into parts; each one with a consideration you need to keep in mind when you travel in winter to a city. My city was Rome but when many tourist attractions are outdoors this tip can be for anyplace.

Rome and it’s weather

January and February are the coldest months in Europe and we travelled in the week after New Year. Rome had not had such cold temperatures for a while, it hardly snows in Rome but it did when we were there. I thought I was prepared; I got our woollen socks, and even tights for the boys. I brought the scarfs, hats and gloves but little did I know that these were not enough. It felt that no matter how much you put on, toes, fingers, nose and chin were always about to fall off. We needed snow gear!

Andrew at the time had just turned 3 (he is a Christmas baby) and didn’t communicate if he was feeling cold or not. At one point of the holiday I changed his socks just because I felt that my toes were freezing so his might be too. His toes were purple, it was a shock! Our days outside were short as we headed to the comfort of our warm accommodation when the sun went down. At least we didn’t have any rainy days.

Things might go wrong but kids smile for anything!

My advice when you travel in winter to a winter destination is to be prepared. We Maltese come from a warm climate and hardly ever use snow clothes so buying snow clothes for a holiday of 4 days was not something I wanted to do but, I should have! If you don’t buy them you can always ask friends if they have any you can lend. If you are a person that hates the cold, save up your money and time, travel in spring or summer.


It got so cold snow formed 

One of my followers once asked me to suggest a place they can go in the Christmas holidays but on a budget and not where it is cold. The budget issue is not the real problem as prices get lower after new year’s day, but the weather is! If you are a European and you want to travel in January the only way to escape the cold is to head out of Europe as even in the South of Europe the cold hits well. If you have an ideal combo of budget and warm place for winter destinations do contact us...

Stay tunned for part 2 of this blog

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