Stratford for kids

Following my previous post on Stratford-Upon-Avon, you would have realised how much my kids and I fell in love with this place. It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway or a few more days. Kids have so much to do: Warwick Castle is just a few minutes away and a must do! Post on this coming up soon.

My boys in Warwick’s Maze

Kids loved EVERYMAN

We had seen a cinema in Stratford-Upon-Avon and decided to book seats for the evening after visiting the castle. In the UK, cinema tickets are expensive compared to the ones in Malta. In fact I thought it was not worth it and we were going to skip it, so glad we didn’t. The Everyman cinema was amazingly worth it! We booked to see Mary Poppins Returns and like in Maltese cinemas we bought popcorn and drinks before we went in but little did we know what we would find! Our seats were not chairs, they were sofas! Large comfortable two seater sofas. We had enough leg room to stretch our legs in front of us and even rest them on the foot rest made on purpose at the back of the sofa in front of you.

Everyman Cineam

Unfortunately, we didn’t take photos of the place, at least none that does it justice. We sat in augh when we saw the bar attendants coming in with wine, cocktails, burgers and all sorts of food to serve the people sitting in the hall. It was like sitting at home and watching a movie on a large screen. Just perfect ending to a perfect day. They do not have cinemas only in Stratford-upon-Avon but they are a franchise across the UK, so check them out where ever you go for an experience the kids would love.

Reception at Everyman

The next day our plan was to leave for Gloucester but, we just couldn’t. I wanted to show the kids 2 more places before we leave. After breakfast at our hotel, we headed back to Stratford-Upon-Avon and enjoyed a Sunday morning.

Statues of Stratford-Upon-Avon

Shakespeare and my kids

Shakespeare’s house is a complete walkthrough museum with re-enactments and story-telling. We didn’t think it was worth going in with a 5 year old. I might have been wrong but we didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy it. It’s not cheap either. So, that means I will have to visit Stratford-upon-Avon with my kids another time! We did see the house from the outside and enjoyed the pedestrian street packed with artists and pretty shops. This was enough for my kids – for now!

Shakespeare’s House

The Mechanical, Art and Design Museum

The MAD museum is a great place to visit with kids. You pay for the entrance (adults 7.50 children 520, Andrew was free) and you can leave and go back again at any time during the same day. What is it all about? Well it is a tinker’s paradise. It’s the country’s only permanent venue for mechanical art. It’s an educational place that promotes science, technology, engineering, maths, art and design. This quirky attraction displays interactive pieces of mechanical art, in particular; kinetic art and automata. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about just go to their website or have a look at my video.

Jamie was disappointed when we had to leave the MAD museum, that made me satisfied. Its’ not a large place and 2 hours would be enough, it is also a perfect place to get out of the cold or rain.

Edward Moon Lunch

Lunch at Edward Moon

We needed to have an early lunch and we were lucky to find an Edward Moon restaurant that had an available table. Again a surprising children’s menu was available. It’s a very pretty place and we received impeccable service. I didn’t want to spend more than needed at the restaurant, I wanted to have tea some place else and do a little shopping too.

Tea and shopping

Shopping is great here too and among the famous brands you will find little treasure troves in the small alley ways. After spending a fortune on teas (I love tea) we went to have a cuppa. We took this at a great tea house called Boston Tea Party. What I liked most about this place was the no plastic, no waste policy. Everything was recyclable or reusable. It was not the only place that has these policies around England, in fact many coffee shops and restaurants are becoming more and more eco-friendly. It would be great to start this trend everywhere!

We were sad to leave Stratford-Upon-Avon, it’s a place I saw myself living in actually. Still, it was too short to see all and enjoy to it’s best. It’s a place I would like to visit on warmer days. I’m sure it’s visited by many in the summer months. If I do go again I will definately not stay in the hotel I went to and instead would stay in a central hotel. Staying in Stratford might be more expensive but it saves you lots of time. If you know of a place to stay and would like to share it with me please get in touch.

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