Take a moment and feel the magic

There are places that you just feel it’s possessed by some kind of magic, in Ireland I feel it alot. For me to make you understand this, I need to explain where I am coming from; my children believe that before I became a mother, a human, I was a fairy. In one of my stories that I have written for my children I have written a fairytale of a fairy that wanted to become a mother and that story is about me. Ireland is the magical place where I used to live and Glen Malure used to be my valley! Every time I go to this place my creative, fantasy self comes out and creates another story. My kids get fascinated by stories and I think every kid loves to believe in magic. 

Glen Malure is just one of the beautiful Glens around Ireland. Being so naturally green these places are one of the main reasons people visit Ireland so much.  County Wicklow is known to be the Garden of Ireland, and is very close to the capital city of Dublin. Despite the proximity to a cosmpolitan neighbourhood, it holds kilometres of landscapes that vary between mountains and waterfalls to fields and forests. Since 1980 Wicklow has been knows for it’s “Wicklow way” – a network of accessible walking tracks. It is not for the untrained tracker in fact for those who are experienced it can take 8-10 days of challenging but wonderful scenery.

Geln Malure is just one spot in the Wicklow way, and for non walkers like us, it can be enough to just take the car and visit it. For more places to visit in Wicklow county check out my other posts of Ireland. This U-shaped glacial valley was one of the places in history where Micheal Dwyer and his rebellions campaigned against the British army in 1798. Our Irish friends that were hosting us had their own stories of this place too but my kids and I created our own. One being about this butterfly that was flying around us and always landed on the same spot. No matter how many times we made the little butterfly move, it always flew back and rested on the same spot. So, we came up with the story that the butterfly was trying to protect a secret passage way into the land of fairies. You need a little fantasy when you are blessed to be so close to nature. 

We had lunch at The old Lodge (glenmalurelodge.ie), it used to be our friend’s work place when he was 14 years old (he is now in his 70’s). It has been rated 4+ stars by many who have stayed here. So, if you are looking for a place to stay and enjoy the idea of walking the Wiklow way, then this is the ideal place to find accommodation.

The water falls and the beautiful surroundings bring hikers here from far and wide and being that the weather was wonderful, the area was packed with trekkers. Lunch was very good too, and even though it was packed, the food came out super fast.

After lunch we went to one of the water falls that this valley is famous for. Here there were people camping and although I do like the idea of being one with nature, I thought it to be slightly out of place especially if they leave their mark with their camp fires. Still the peace was broken with my noisy kids wanting to test how cold the water was. Do get a towel if you decide to go.

I had a few moments to myself here and just listened to the “natural music” as my little Andrew called it. 

Further up there is a tight walk that takes you to a perch overlooking the valley. We didn’t do this as we felt it to be unsafe for my clumsy little 4 year old. Still, if you have sensible kids take them up the narrow path as the view is so breath-taking!

Time spent here is a time away from all that is modern; no internet or telephone reception can be found. The only place that might have internet would probably be at the Lodge. We surely didn’t miss that, we actually embrassed it by spending some good time playing cards with the kids. They can’t always have their tablets!

Another Glen that I love to go to is Glendelough a write up about this will be next on my list but for more information on Ireland and it’s natural places check out Clare’s explorations.

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