Warwick Castle – A fantasy leap into the past

Our family love history! We all role play while visiting places and Warwick Castle is not hard to slide into a fantasy world. As soon as you park your car in its parking space, you enter through the Stoned Arch way to enter the stables’ court yard and here is where our story started. My boys were my knights in shining armour and my husband and I were the bad witch and wizard they had to capture. The Maze, The Goal, The actual hall were all areas were our story came to life.

Finding the treasure

If you are not the imaginative type, Warwick Castle helps you get into the feeling of medieval times. Horrible Histories, sponsored a great maze in the grounds of the Castle and the kids are given a treasure hunt to follow and find clues in different areas of Warwick Castle. My kids were excited to fill it out and find out what the “treasure” is at the end. Just a super, simple but cool way to put the kids into the mood and explain certain “boring” things in an interesting way!

Captured by our boys!

When should you go?

We went in December and although it wasn’t raining, it was cold. In fact many attractions were not on at the time we went. We still had the chance of doing some archery (at an extra cost) and we still saw the Falconer’s show but, if you visit in a warmer season there would be jousting and other shows to see. We started our visit at around 10.30am and didn’t see all the castle by 4.30pm but we were feeling the cold and we had a little boy who still was unwell so we couldn’t stretch it any further. When it got dark, it got colder and damper so it was time to bid farewell to the fantasy and head for the cinema of Everyman in Stratford-upon-Avon. To see what else we did in this favourite town of ours check my blog here.

Do a kids’ tour

Warwick Castle is run by the same people that do the wax statues of Madame Tussauds and this means that the walk through the actual Castle rooms are so realistic. My favourite was the one where the maid is preparing a bubble bath. The kids enjoyed these too as they pretended to be statues in the various situations. It was fun.

It also was educational because my boys asked so many questions about the past queens and kings of England. My boys also participated in a kids’ tour where the guide animated some curiosities that we wouldn’t have known if we didn’t; they showed us a secret passage that led out of the castle, they let the boys try on some real armour and tell them stories of ghosts.

Take time to walk and enjoy the scenery

One cannot enjoy Warwick Castle without enjoying the gardens and the vast grounds. The river Avon is part of the scenery and an old water mill that became an energy source for the Castle still stands and is worth a walk.

up the hill
Down by the Avon

The Green Peacock Garden where peacocks run freely in, must be very pretty in the summer months and the majestic conservatory is such an inviting place to visit. Unfortunately, it was closed for the winter and so I will have to find my way there again in summer to try their cakes and teas. What we did use though, is the services of the Undercroft Restaurant. The warm rooms were very welcoming after the cold air and the pizza, pasta and salad buffet did appeal to the kids as much as us.

The Time Tower, The Castle’s Dungeons and the Princess Tower are some of the attractions that we didn’t manage to visit, so if you are thinking of spending a day or two in the area and would love to give a special treat to your kids, why not try their accommodation on the premises. If that is not your thing, the actual town where Warwick Castle stays is a very peaceful place to stay. Although Warwick has not got the busy streets of Stratford upon Avon but, it still has its charming markets, shops and little B&Bs.

At the MAD museum Stratford

We didn’t have enough time to stay longer than a day but I know I will be back! If you are looking for a day trip somewhere special, not too far from London, this is a good place to go!  

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